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Industry leader in maintenance, installation and performance solutions 

Why Customers
Choose Day & Nite?

Almost 40 years later, we’ve built our business by helping other businesses with a “equipment uptime” business approach. We offer a diverse range of refrigeration, kitchen equipment, HVAC and plumbing services including installations, repairs and sales to our clients. You can rest easy knowing we are there for you 24/7, supported by our industry leading technology, S.O.P.’s and development. 



Our Services


We help keep your deli cases and frozen food glass in tip-top shape.


We do it all; Toilets, bidets, showers, bathtubs, lavatories, etc.


Commercial Kitchen

We offer trained technicians with the expertise to repair all types commercial cooking equipment.


Our technicians are trained and specialize in chillers, boilers, cooling towers, and more.


All of our technicians are CFC, NYFD, and MSCA STAR.

Performance Solutions

We have a Performance Solution highlighting air cleaning technology

Download our DNAS Lite app & Marketplace!

Our DNAS application allows you to have access to equipment history, equipment condition, service call history and much more.

Performance Solution

Reducing Viral Pathogens By 99.92%

With our Performing Solution that highlights air cleaning technology, we have engineered a clear plan to create a safer and cleaner environment; potential threats to under-maintained equipment will be net with solutions that assist in protecting your environment while managing risks.

Bi-Polar Ionization

Our engineered Ionizer integrates with the existing HVAC system and clean the air you breathe, without using chemicals or creating unwanted byproducts.


Air Quality Maintenance

Reduce micro-organisms by over 95% and significantly reduce gases, VOCs, and odors, leaving the space fresh and clean, completely odor-free.

Serving the east coast for more than 40+ years

From Manhattan and all of the boroughs to Long Island, New Jersey and Connecticut no job is too big our experts in our New York office. We keep some of the most renown restaurant groups and dining facilities running with refrigeration and kitchen equipment services.

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